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Moving into Destiny - Part One

The book of Ruth is a fascinating account of God's dealings in the lives of two very different women, so as to bring them into His maximum blessing. It shows us the balance between human choice and responsibility - alongside the sovereignty of God. It is also a beautiful story which gives us revelation about God's heart of love. God's heart has not changed. He desperately desires to bless His people and that includes YOU.

16th Sep 2009

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My thoughts //

Ruth 1:1-6. This story happened during a dark period in Israel’s history. Everybody was doing their own thing! Judges 21:25.

A man called Elimelech meaning (my God is King) decided that, due to famine, “he” would take the initiative without involving God to move his wife Naomi and his sons Mahlon and Chilion out of Bethlehem to Moab. Interesting that Bethlehem means “house of bread” but there was “no bread”.

Bethlehem was also the place where sheep were reared for the Jewish sacrificial system - and it was situated in the land of Judah meaning “praise”. This family were moving away from their spiritual heritage to find pastures new. Sometimes God allows us to go through hardship to see if we will trust Him and wait for Him.

As head of the family Elimelech made the decision to run away from the problem - teaching us that a man-made “short term” temporary plan to get us out of a tight spot - can sometimes turn out to be a “long term” permanent tight spot. He took his family out and away from their spiritual heritage and placed them in the land of Moab right under the covering of the “destroyer”.

The Moabites originally came into existence through the compromising situation that Lot got himself into (Genesis 19:36-37) and they were a society which practiced child sacrifice to a pagan God called Chemosh whose name means destroyer.

We are told Elimelech went to “dwell” in Moab and in the Hebrew this has the idea of a temporary visit but it turned out to be a permanent move because Elimelech died in the land of Moab. V.3.

In Ruth 1: 4 Naomi’s sons were call Mahlon meaning “sick or puny” and Chilion meaning “failing and pining” and these sons married two Moabite women and lived there for ten years before they both died.

Elimelech had brought them to a place of DEADNESS.

In many ways this is a picture of how at the beginning of creation, Adam as head of the human race made a decision that affected all of us and brought us all under the curse and covering of the destroyer where we became sick and puny, failing and pining. Elimelech and his sons, died under the banner of the destroyer - and sin in the garden of Eden brought spiritual and physical death to all of us.

However in the midst of all of this, Naomi made a decision to “arise”. Her name means “pleasant or sweet” and I believe this name speaks prophetically about the original relationship we had with God before sin entered the world.

We are told that Naomi arose because she heard that God had visited His people and given them bread.

Are you in a dead place? Has sin stolen your sweetness? Then perhaps you like Naomi need to make the choice to arise because God has indeed visited this planet. He came to Bethlehem over 2000 years ago to die for your sins and mine, so that He could not only forgive our sin but satisfy us.

Jesus said “I am the Bread of life“.We can rise up out of deadness because God has sent His Son to bring us out of deadness - into life.


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