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Moving Into Destiny - Part Two

Naomi had lost her husband and two sons but at this point of crises in her life - in the midst of grief and loss she made a momentous decision "to arise" and return to Bethlehem Judah because she had heard that the Lord had visited His people. There is a time for action - there is a time to "arise".

16th Sep 2009

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My thoughts //

Ruth 1:6-21.


God is waiting for us to respond to His love. This means He is attracted to movement towards Himself! When Naomi took the first step towards home, God was already working on her behalf!

She was older but not too late! We were born into this world spiritually dead but because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - we too like Naomi, can “arise.” In fact the Lord would say to us to “rise up my love and come away.…” Song of Solomon 2:10-13.

Our choices always influence others! When we make right choices we influence others in positive ways. Initially, Naomi’s two daughters-in-law set off with her but she released them both. There were no control issues. God sets us free - it is Satan who tries to control us. Healthy relationships set each other free.

As well as setting them free, Naomi prayed that the Lord would deal “kindly” with both Ruth and Orpah. In the Hebrew this word denoted “love and loyalty mixed with mutual commitment!” It described Gods covenant love!

Orphah means “fawn and it also means stiff necked” which denotes someone who is gently but also stubborn. Therefore she is a picture of one who seems interested (tears) but does not commit because whilst she was fond of Naomi, when she heard the “real deal,” she was unwilling to leave her life in Moab.

(cp Matthew 13:5-6). Sadly she is never heard of again.


Ruth means “friend or friendship“ and she is a picture of one who is not only interested but is ready to commit. In Verses 14-17 we see Ruth clinging to Naomi and saying “entreat me not to leave you…………“ this was a momentous decision because she was not only making a commitment to go with Naomi but she chose “the God of Israel to be her God.” This is covenant language.

Ruth had been influenced, not controlled, and her name was prophetic because whilst she was going to be Naomi’s friend and she was also going to discover that the Almighty was her friend as well. Proverbs 18:24 & 17:17.

Our choices determine our destiny.

Naomi was real.

Even though Naomi later calls herself a bitter woman - there must have been something about her that attracted both girls because initially neither of them wanted to leave her! Even though she was in a place of deadness - she must have demonstrated life.

Naomi voiced her fear that the Almighty was against her - sometimes we hold secret fears similar to this. Hidden fear can cripple us so that we are ineffective for God. Satan wants to keep us in a place of bitterness.

It was time to face the past. Ruth 1:19-21

So Ruth and Naomi made the 60 mile journey on foot back to Bethlehem and when they got there people asked the question “is this Naomi?”

I reckon she was looking the worse for wear! Naomi told them not to call her “pleasant” but to call her “Mara meaning bitter” because the Almighty had dealt very bitterly with her. She had gone out full and now she was returning empty!

She truly believed that God was against her and the taste was bitter!

Strange how we can sometimes be so full of self pity that we do not recognise the blessings that are around us and we believe the lie that God is against us - we are going to see later in this story that God was actually working for Naomi.

We are often negative and blame God when the truth is that most of the bad stuff in our lives is as a result of the choices we have made. We reap what we sow! Galations 6:7-8.

However despite her bitterness, pain and disappointment - it seems Naomi lived out reality in her relationship with the Almighty - she was real. God wants us to be real and perhaps this generation would be more interested in getting to know God for themselves if they saw His people “being real”.

Naomi had made a choice to “return” and face the past. She was a daughter of Israel but she had gone through a time of great loss and pain and she needed to get back to Bethlehem to find healing and meaning to life.

Sometimes it is the same for us, even thought we have trusted Christ for salvation, we can have pain and loss in our lives that needs to be brought into the open so that God can shine His light on it - so as to set us free. If there are areas in our lives that still cause us pain, this is a good indicator that we need to bring them to the Lord for healing. 1 John 1:5-7.

So they arrived in Bethlehem at barley harvest. Just in time. When we make the choice to arise and follow the Lord - He begins to move on His time





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